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The Planetoids auf dem Provino-Geburtstagsfestival

Vor einigen Jahren schon einmal in der metzgerei, jetzt um 21 Uhr auf der Kegelbahn…

THE PLANETOIDS are a four-piece indie/synth pop band from Hannover, that is currently working on becoming a hologram. With a strong interest in the ways of science and contemporary art, the project plays with the boundaries of being a classic live band and a producer’s project at the same time. Centered around frontman & producer Jonas Sercombe, who also does most of the band’s visual art and music videos, the group has recently won the European Emerging Bands Contest, had one of their songs nominated for the German Songwriting Awards and played support for the Australian indie pop band Miami Horror.

While some songs in the band’s catalog are strongly conceptional and offer a lot of interesting backstory and creative details, the foursome makes a point of making sure that their music stays interesting and enjoyable even if the listener isn’t keen to dive in deeper. This has been rewarded in the past through official Spotify playlist placements and major radio airplay in GSA and South Africa (where the band has also been invited to play at the biggest local music festival in 2023 – Bushfire Festival).

THE PLANETOIDS have recently discovered their new trademark – the color yellow. Because of aesthetic and artistic reasons, this focus has completely transformed their visual identity, making every show a unique and unforgettable experience. Since the band originally started off as something of a party band, they still have a strong emphasis on a sophisticated and unleashed live-show that will mesmerize just about every age group, leaving no hip unmoved and no heart untouched – which only makes sense, considering their experience of having played almost 200 shows by 2023.

Starved for the stage after covid, the band presented a brand new body of work THE AERODYNAMICS OF A COW in November 2022 tapping into the Metaverse with their Museum of Songs virtual concept hosted on SPATIAL where visitors can experience the album in a whole new dimension.

The first single of the album is all about “leaving everything behind”. It’s called Bolivia and can be described as a dreamy love ballad in the dress of an 80s glitter firework, featuring Hannover based singer/songwriter Joules the Fox. The next single Golden Eagle talks about the struggle of rediscovering yourself after a relationship gone terribly wrong, putting this into perspective through an almost let-it-go-esque chorus and a massive synthesizer armageddon. Their third single Make Up Your Mind is featuring rising South African sensation Namakau Star. The melodic Pop ballad explores the intersections of mental health and friendship. With a fun, light-hearted feel laced with futuristic disco synth sounds, the song received warm reception in South Africa, including a #1 chart debut on Algoa FM and support through some of the country’s most renowned publications such as Texx and The City, Daily Capsule and Slikour on Life. Finally their single “Back Then” which rounded up the prelude to their Album, questioned the backwards-facing pragmatism that is overly present in this world and emphasizes the importance of opening up to something new as the only possible way to save the planet. Their successful single run which saw the band featured on several German Radio Stations and Publications such as Musiek Freitag,  Diffus Magazine, Kultur news, Radio OKJ, Radio Alex and Fanklust, just to name a few.

Their uniquely titled album “The Aerodynamics Of A Cow“ was inspired by a German tech company’s accidental meme cretaion. One of their employees used sophisticated aerodynamics software to calculate a cow’s aerodynamics at Mach 8 (8 times the speed of sound). This pointless calculation within a highly advanced technical system is a fascinating and inspirational occurrence that perfectly depicts the relationship of art and science. It was only fitting that The Planetoids created a one of a kind Metaverse album launch on spatial.io, which invited listeners into a curated gallery of visuals and sound where they could be immersed into the album experience.

Conceptually, the band combines science and art by turning personal research and experimentation into music. With a strong relationship to modern art, the threesome tries to achieve the balance between well-made and carefully composed pop music and conceptual art, while making sure the music is aesthetically valuable, even without context.

Their unique display of live performance and creativity has seen them make some noteworthy achievements such as opening up for Miami Horror, being confirmed artists at next year’s Africa Rising Music Conference showcase, working with AKG to reinvent some of their original works off their project. Jonas Sercombe on lead vocals and guitar has been selected for an international songwriting camp powered by the Popakademie and Columbia college of music in Chicago, these are some of the stepping stones that have set the tone for the bands international sound and trajectory.

Special mentions:

“Very good music & concept!“- Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“Kind of Tame Impala having nerd-talk with Roosevelt in the metaverse” – Diffus Magazine

“The Planetoids are a breath of fresh air to the world of music it was an honor to work with them, this project is going to age well” – Namakau Star


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