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Velcro Dog @die metzgerei

Im Juli hat die metzgerei wieder internationalen Besuch. Velcro Dog aus Norwegen ist zu Gast und wir freuen uns schon sehr!
Velcro Dog is the solo project of Norwegian musician and songwriter Tony Gonzalez (Barren Womb, Oma Desala, Twin Serpent, Dårli Te Beins). Born from an incessant need to deal with both old and new ghosts, Velcro Dog creeps along the darkest corners of the folk, americana and country traditions, carving out a sound that may perhaps best be labeled as fjord noir.
Taking a rough and dogmatic (no pun intended) approach to songwriting, the music presented under the Velcro Dog moniker is sparse and primarily moves at a glacial pace. Tony’s mournful, honest voice and subdued guitar playing serve as the backbone for deeply introspective songs about loss, love and depression. Any and all unnecessary distractions are stripped away to create a harrowing, all-acoustic audio companion for walking with demons.
„Misanthropology“, Velcro Dog’s debut album, is a collection of gloomy songs dealing with everything from deceit and human frailty to the fear of growing old alone. The album is produced, recorded and mixed by Ole Spangerud and mastered by Alan Douches (Sufjan Stevens, Chelsea Wolfe, Fleetwood Mac). „Misanthropology“ was released digitally and on limited vinyl October 7th, 2022, on Westergaard Records.
„Welcome to the beating heart of Americana“
– Americana UK
„stark, monochromatic, Nordic and raw“
– Lonesome Highway
„this is serious blues, dripping sadness and desperation“
– INK 19
geöffnet ab 19 Uhr/ Konzertbeginn 20 Uhr/ der Hut für den Künstler

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